Yongduk Kim

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In this paper, we have proposed and designed the new structure of a RF-MEMS voltage tunable capacitor, which have two-movable parallel plates using electrostatic method and can be fabricated by the MEMS technology. Capacitance of the designed voltage tunable capacitor has from 1.0pF to 1.48pF as the applied bias voltage from 0.5V to 2.52V. The effective(More)
We quantize the chiral Schwinger Model by using the Batalin-Tyutin formalism. We show that one can systematically construct the rst class constraints and the desired involutive Hamiltonian, which naturally generates all secondary constraints. For a > 1, this Hamiltonian gives the gauge invariant Lagrangian including the well-known WessZumino terms, while(More)
We investigate whether the gravitational thermodynamic properties of the scalar-tensor theory of gravity are affected by the conformal transformation or not. As an explicit example, we consider an electrically charged static spherical black hole in the 4-dimensional low energy effective theory of bosonic string. E-mail address : jwho@physics.sogang.ac.kr(More)
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