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Cache consistency and concurrency control in a client/server DBMS architecture
This, paper. examines five application cache consistency algorithms m a cltent/server database system: two-phase locking, certification, callback locking, no-wait locking, and no-wait locking withExpand
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Sybase replication server
Sybase is a leading RDBMS vendor that started by providing OLTP systems for the client-server environment and is currently maturing into an enterprise-wide data management solution provider. As aExpand
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Impact of traffic shaping in ATM networks on video quality
Presents the impact of traffic shaping on enhancing interactive video quality over ATM networks. The effects of the leaky-bucket traffic shaper on the video quality is studied under different tokenExpand
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Improvements in model-based assist feature placement algorithms
Demanding process window constraints have increased the need for effective assist feature placement algorithms that are robust and flexible. These algorithms must also allow for quick ramp up whenExpand
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Gold-catalyzed generation of azafulvenium from an enyne sulfonamide: rapid access to fully substituted pyrroles
An effective gold-catalyzed protocol for the synthesis of fully substituted pyrroles from enyne sulfonamides has been developed. The reaction was designed to interrupt the traditional 1,3-H shiftExpand
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The Sybase replication server project
This paper describes the Sybase replication server, a log based database replication system that allows fine granularity data replication and continuously propagates update transactions from theExpand
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Efficient hardware usage in the mask tapeout flow
With each new technology node there is an increase in the number of layers requiring Optical Proximity Correction (OPC) and verification. This increases the time spent on the mask tapeout flow whichExpand
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The acquisition approach of Reference sequences of road traffic running characteristics
The accurate acquisition of road traffic states is the most important basis in the Intelligent Transportation Systems. Though the technology for collectting road traffic states information has beenExpand