Yongdong Liang

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INTRODUCTION Complete sterilization of an infected root canal is an important challenge in endodontic treatment. Traditional methods often cannot achieve high-efficiency sterilization because of the complexity of the root canal system. The objective of the study was to investigate in vitro the feasibility of using a cold plasma treatment of a root canal(More)
Here, nonthermal plasma generated by a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) system was applied to inactivating aerosolized Bacillus subtilis cells and Pseudomonas fluorescens as well as indoor and outdoor bioaerosols. The culturability, viability, and diversity losses of the microorganisms in air samples treated by the plasma for 0.06-0.12 s were studied(More)
Heat curing acrylic resin is an important kind of material in the prosthetic dentistry, which has been widely used in dentar e base, and the oral cavity is colonized with Candida albicans among approximately 75% of persons with dentures. In this study, alternating-current (AC) atmospheric-pressure Ar/O2 (2%) cold plasma was applied to treat the surface of(More)
Summary form only given. Exposure to environmental allergens from various sources can cause a wide range of adverse health effects, including asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis, inflammable and toxic reactions. Among them, asthma is one of the most common and major human diseases that are attributable to allergen exposure. And such a problem continues to(More)
Applications of atmospheric pressure cold plasma have been extended to various cancers therapy due to plasma-produced reactive oxygen species (ROS) inducing oxidative stress in cancer cell and consequently resulting in cell apoptosis. However, the mechanism of apoptosis caused by plasma is complicated. Actually, besides various kinds of intracellular ROS,(More)
Foodborne illnesses are on the rise in recent decades. Salmonella is a common microbiological agent that is considered to be responsible for a large number of cases of foodborne illnesses. They can be found in fresh, peeled, ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables, such as salads. The approaches to clean the surface of fruits and vegetables include thermal(More)
Summary form only given. In previous studies, we have found that during atmospheric pressure cold plasma treatment, oxidative stress pathways are required for yeast cell response. In addition, overexpressions of anti-oxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) genes can remarkably protective yeast cells from plasma injury. These results are in coincidence with other(More)
A novel plasma-driven catalysis (PDC) reactor with special structure was proposed to remove vehicle exhaust gas. The PDC reactor which consisted of three quartz tubes and two copper electrodes was a coaxial dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) reactor. The inner and outer electrodes firmly surrounded the outer surface of the corresponding dielectric barrier(More)
Cold atmospheric plasmas, nonirritating to human skin, attract great attention due to their high potential for biomedical applications, but many plasma jets can only process one surface or one point, causing the limitation of use, so that it is not suitable for cavities, especially in root canal.
Summary form only given. Recently, the study of plasma activated water (PAW) disinfection has attracted increasing researchers' attention. However, many questions of PAW disinfection still remain unanswered, especially for the mechanism of bacterial cell damage caused by PAW. More in-depth studies of the PAW disinfection are expected. In this study, we(More)