Yongcheng Zhang

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Many applications depend on efficient sort algorithm to sort large sets of distinct string keys in memory. For example, sorting records for databases in which type of prime key is string. We propose a new improved radix sort algorithm, radix plus length based insert sort algorithm(R-LI), to sort large sets of string keys. The algorithm are used to sort set(More)
Although scholars had made some exploratory researches on open innovation, there are still insufficient in some respects, especially knowledge capacities, it is the key factor that enterprises implement open innovation. Knowledge capacities mainly include six kinds of abilities: creative capacity, innovative capacity, scanning capacity, absorptive capacity,(More)
With the enrollment expansion and economic restructuring, the quality issues of China's higher education are increasingly prominent, such as imbalance on the focus of management subjects, misplacement for management objects and excessive emphasis on technology, so it is particularly necessary to strengthen the quality management of higher education. Based(More)
The nature of open innovation is the mode innovation of knowledge creation and knowledge application, so the knowledge capacities are the key factor to implement open innovation. Although authors have separately carried on related researches to knowledge capacities and open innovation, they failed to bind them together commendably. Combining to(More)
With the evolution of social ethic and decision valuation, ethical decisions are more and more paid attention to by enterprises' managers. On the basis of previous researches, the article puts forward a Valuation model of ethical decision making. The model involves four ethical levels: conduct level, fair level, integrity level and avoidable harm level. At(More)
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