Yongchen Li

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The kernel of stereo vision system is stereo matching. In this paper proposed, an efficient image matching algorithm based on Speed Up Robust Features (SURF). Compared with traditional methods, this approach has enormous advantages of less computations and short time-consuming. The approach uses SURF algorithm to extract feature points. The feature(More)
This paper presents the hardware system scheme of multi-channel image processing based on DSP, with DSP as the core control of FPGA and CMOS, responsible for the overall scheduling system, using FPGA as coprocessor responsible for the collection of the original image information from CMOS. This paper combines the fisheye lens to obtain the complete original(More)
The technique of stereo matching is an important research goal of spherical stereo vision system, which is widely used in visual navigation, motion analysis and panoramic surveillance areas. Fisheye lens can get view images of large field, this paper uses two fisheye lens whose optical axis are perpendicular to construct spherical stereo vision system and(More)
Panoramic stereo spherical vision system can simultaneously realize panoramic stitching and three-dimensional ranging. Its multi-channel image acquisition system is located in 3D space through the mechanical encapsulation. In this paper, an effective calibration method is explored to solve the problem of slight errors generated by the encapsulation(More)
With the development of market economy in China, the problem of bad debt becomes increasingly serious in enterprises. In this paper, a bad-debt-risk evaluation model is established based on LS-SVM classifier, using a new set of index system which combines financial factors with non-financial factors on the basis of the 5C system evaluation method. The bad(More)
Wide-angle synthetic aperture radar (W-SAR) imaging accounts for multi-azimuthal scattering and is feasible for retrieving more comprehensive features of complex targets. Because a typical target is seen as composed of its components (typically, some simple geometric objects), a Gaussian amplitude-phase (GAP) model has been developed for the analysis of(More)
Based on the Huynen parametric decomposition of target scattering matrix, the polarimetric ellipse parameters are transformed and applied to decomposition of scattering mechanisms of a complex target in VHR POL-SAR images (very high resolution, polarimetric synthetic aperture radar). Making use of multi-aspect (or circle-aspect) and wideband VHR POL-SAR(More)
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