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The Influence of Transcranial Micro-electric Current Physiological Training on Cerebral Function Under Altitude Hypoxia
Objective To investigate the effects of transcranial micro-electric current physiological training (TMCPT) on cerebral function (CF) in order to provide technology and methods for maintaining andExpand
Study on the Changes of Physical Status Under the Condition of Lacking Food and Water on Oxygen-Deficient Plateau
Objective to study the changes of physical status under the condition of lacking food and water on oxygen-deficient plateau. Methods 2 volunteers survived for 72 h with little water, pilot biscuitExpand
Effect of Deep-Breath Biofeedback on Heart Rate Variability and Blood Pressure at High Altitude
The objective of this study is to study the effect of deep respiration on heart rate variability and blood pressure at high altitude. Methods: Experiments were conducted in 74 male military operatorsExpand
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Continuously monitoring central sleep apnea on plateau
Objective To dynamically observe characteristics and rules of the incidence of central sleep apnea (CSA) of the personnel who rushed to plateau with different ways,as well as preliminarily exploreExpand
Cardiovascular System Response to Carbon Dioxide and Exercise in Oxygen-Enriched Environment at 3800 m
Background: This study explores the responses of the cardiovascular system as humans exercise in an oxygen-enriched room at high altitude under various concentrations of CO2. Methods: The studyExpand
Study on Aircrew Survival Experiment on Plateau
Objective To research new technology of survival and verify the performance of new survival articles on plateau. Methods The technology of communications, orientation, life state surveillance, oxygenExpand