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Multicore processors promise higher throughput at lower power consumption than single core processors. Thus in the near future they will be widely used in hard real-time systems as the performance requirements are increasing. Though DVS may reduce power consumption for hard real time applications on single core processors, it introduces a new implication(More)
This paper presents a driver status recognition method based on data fusion that changes the autonomous driving mode in our co-pilot system. Our research has the following two novelties: first, the fusion of information-based driver-status recognition between a direct method using the states of the driver's face and eyes and an indirect method of(More)
Many researchers have reported that a decline in driving concentration caused by drowsiness or inattentiveness is one of the primary sources of serious car accidents. One of the most well-known methods to measure a driver's concentration is called driver state monitoring, where the driver is warned when he or she is falling asleep based on visual(More)
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