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The fundamental issue in sensor networks is the quality of monitoring provided by the networks under the energy constraint. The quality is usually measured by coverage. In this paper, unlike previous research, the k-coverage problem is investigated in the directional sensor networks with turnable orientation. Furthermore, probabilistic sensing model is(More)
Wireless sensor networks(WSNs) are commonly used in many applications now. According to the capability of sensor nodes, there are two types of WSN: homogeneous sensor networks and heterogeneous sensor network(HSN). Large-scale homogeneous sensor networks require high computation overhead, communication overhead and large memory storage. To achieve better(More)
LEBKM for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is proposed in this paper, which employs the localized strategy. The key for each node is integrated from two keys separately provided by other two key managements. Once the nodes have been deployed, the localized strategy is adapted to update the pre-distributed keys in nodes within the same cluster. The resilience(More)
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