YongHwan Kim

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<i>Distributed register-file microarchitecture</i> (DRFM) which comprises multiple uniform blocks (called islands), each containing a dedicated register file, functional unit(s) and data-routing logic, has been known as a very attractive architecture for implementing designs with platform-featured on-chip memory or register-file IP blocks. In comparison(More)
This paper proposes an anti-collision algorithm needed in the process of recognizing data of the tags when one reader and multiple passive tags simultaneously have data communications in RFID system. QTA And 4-ary QTA which are based on the Tree algorithm, have the problem that the numbers of query - response are many and the idle cycle (requesting about(More)
Satisfying the timing constraint is the utmost concern in the integrated circuit design and it is true that most critical timing paths in a circuit cover one or more arithmetic components such as adder, subtractor, and multiplier of which addition logic is commonly involved. This work addresses the problem of redesigning the addition logic (in a form of(More)
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