Yong-zhong Zhang

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The behavior of mitochondria during early oogenesis remains largely unknown in zebrafish. We used three mitochondrial probes (Mito Tracker Red CMXRos, Mito Tracker Green FM, and JC-1) to stain early zebrafish oocyte mitochondria, and confocal microscopy to analyze mitochondrial aggregation and distribution. By using fluorescence recovery after(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the family aggregation and the role of hereditary factors in the pathogenesis of Kashin-Beck disease (KBD). METHODS With a stratified sampling method, the general population of 14 villages of Linyou County were studied, from whom 225 KBD probands were selected using systematic sampling at the rate of (1/2). A total of 304 siblings of(More)
Maize (Zea mays) is the most widely cultivated crop around the world, however, it is commonly affected by phosphate (Pi) deficiency and the underlying molecular basis of responses mechanism is still unknown. In this study, the transcriptional response of maize roots to Pi starvation at 3 days after the onset of Pi deprivation was assessed. The investigation(More)
The naturally infected scallops Chlamys farreri sampled during mass mortality in summer of 2003 was detected by means of histopathological and MAb-based immunofluorescence assay (IFA). The results of histological examination demonstrated that a series of histopathological changes including cell swelling, basophilic increase, disorder, partial sloughing and(More)
The changes in histone acetylation are not always consistent in various cell types and at different developmental stages. We immunostained specific antibodies against acetylated lysine 9 of histone H3 and acetylated lysines 5 and 12 of histone H4 in an effort to understand the detailed changes in histone acetylation during sheep oocyte meiosis. We found(More)
Heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) is closely associated with diverse chromatin organization and function in mitosis. However, we almost know nothing about HP1 in mammalian oocyte. Here, we investigated the subcellular distribution of HP1alpha and its spatial relationship to histone modifications during mouse oocyte maturation. Dynamic migration of HP1alpha(More)
AIM To study the chemical constituents of the pine needles of Pinus massoniana lamb.. METHODS Various chromatographic techniques were used to separate and purify. Their physico-chemical properties and spectral data (UV, IR, MS, 1H-1 H COSY, HMQC, DEPT, HMBC and ORD ect.) were measured for structure elucication. RESULTS Three compounds were isolated from(More)
This article outlines the evolution of a rescue team in responding to adenovirus prevention with a deployable field hospital. The local governments mobilized a shelter hospital and a rescue team consisting of 59 members to assist with rescue and response efforts after an epidemic outbreak of adenovirus. We describe and evaluate the challenges of preparing(More)
Affinity selection-ultrafiltration/HPLC-MS is the combination of the ultrafiltration and HPLC-MS, mainly used for screening small active molecular substances from combinatorial libraries and natural product extracts, which can bind to solution-phase targets. Besides, it can be used in metabolic screening and characterization of ligand-receptor binding. It(More)
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