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To investigate the disease-related proteins and understand molecular mechanism of mastitis at the protein level, this project presents the protein changes in the mammary gland between healthy cows and clinical mastitic cows using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE), after stained with colloidal Coomassie Bright Blue, six spots of differentially(More)
We used aryl bromides as inexpensive starting materials to enantioselectively arylate aldehydes in one pot. Aryl bromides readily transfer aryls to aryllithiums with n-butyllithium, successively to triarylaluminums with aluminum chloride, and then to aryltitaniums with titanium isopropoxide. Finally aryltitaniums arylate aldehydes catalyzed by(More)
In the addition of TMEDA in toluene, aryl Grignards could effectively and site-specifically ortho-arylate electron-deficient heteroarenes under mild conditions. This endeavor successfully changed the old low-yielding reaction, aryl Grignard addition to N-heteroarenes, into an efficient procedure for heterobiaryls. The combination of the inexpensive aryl(More)
Cows infected with Escherichia (E.) coli usually experience severe clinical symptoms, including damage to mammary tissues, reduced milk yield, and altered milk composition. In order to investigate the host response to E. coli infection and discover novel markers for mastitis treatment, mammary tissue samples were collected from healthy cows and bovines with(More)
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