Yong-wang Zhang

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OBJECTIVE To study the basic therapeutic function of Tiaokou (ST 38). METHODS According to clinically multi-central randomized controlled and single-blind test principle, 257 cases of periarthritis of shoulder were divided into two groups, a test group (n = 124) treated with oral anti-inflammatory analgesic medicine combined with acupuncture at Tiaokou(More)
OBJECTIVE To put forward a method for assessing therapeutic effect on tinnitus and to observe the therapeutic effects of acupuncture and continuous multi-point pulse stimulation on subjective tinnitus. METHODS Continuous multi-point pulse stimulation was given at Ermen (TE 21)/ Tinggong (SI 19)/ Tinghui (GB 2), Yifeng (TE 17), Shenting (GV 24), Baihui (GV(More)
In previous studies, EMPA, PIXE and others were employed to study the chemical compositions of nephrite separately without a systematical measurement. In the present study, XRF, XRD, IR and LR were used together to examine chemical and spectra characteristics of white, green and black nephrite from Hetian, Xinjiang. XRD results indicate that all nephrite(More)
The oxygen consumption and ammonia excretion rates of juvenile brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalus) under satiation and starvation were measured at different levels of water temperature [(5.5 +/- 0.5), (8.5 +/- 0.5), (11.5 +/- 0.5), (14.5 +/- 0.5), (17.5 +/- 0.5) degrees C], aimed to study the effects of water temperature and feeding on the respiratory(More)
The chemical composition and spectra characteristic of feldspar from Zhoukoudian granodiorite were systematically analyzed. Based on the field work, some feldspar samples were selected for crystal chemistry and structure analysis through EMPA, IR, LRM and XRD. The compositions of the feldspar range between Ab (85.21) Or (0.18) An (9.11) and Ab (90.06) Or(More)
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