Yong-sheng Wang

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—Image segmentation is one of the key techniques in the field of image understanding and computer vision. To determine the optimal threshold in image segmentation, an effective image threshold segmentation method based on fuzzy logic is presented. A new kind of fuzzy entropy is defined, that is not only related to the membership, but also related to(More)
—This paper aims to provide high quality tags for digital images according to users' interest. As there are three main elements in image tag recommendation problem, tensor factorization technology is utilized in this work. In this paper, the parameters of the tensor factorization model are represented as latent variables, and the key functions of the tensor(More)
A 1-V piecewise curvature-corrected CMOS bandgap reference (BGR) is proposed. It features in utilizing piecewise corrected current to a conventional first-order current-mode BGR. The corrected current is zero, exponential with temperature and proportional to the squared temperature in the lower, middle and upper temperature range (TR). Simulated results(More)
—This paper presents a novel energy constrained target K-coverage algorithm, and the proposed algorithm is suitable to be exploited in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. Particularly, the network activity in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks in this paper is organized in rounds, and each round is constructed by initial step and information sensing(More)
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