Yong-ru Liu

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Although recent studies have shown the utility of miR-203 as a cancer-relevant biomarker, the validated clinical significance of miR-203 in HCC remains obscure. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between miR-203 expression and clinicopathological features in HCC patients. MiR-203 expression in 95 formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded(More)
To explore the relationship between tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 (TRAF6) and the clinicopathological features in HCC as well as its biological function. Totally, 412 liver tissues were collected, including 171 hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and their corresponding non-tumor tissues, 37 cirrhosis and 33 normal liver tissues. The(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies showed that signal transducer and activator of transcription 4 (STAT4) was downregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tissues. However, the role of STAT4 in HCC is still unknown. The aim of this study is to explore the association between STAT4 expression and other clinicopathological features in HCC and to test the effect of(More)
BACKGROUND Although some recent reports have shown that the expression level of miR-193a varied in different cancers, its role in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) remains unidentified. The aim of the current study was to validate the relationship between miR-193a-3p and clinicopathological characteristics in HCC patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS Expression of(More)
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