Yong-quan Liang

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This paper presents a simulation algorithm called SANCGA for bilateral multi-issue negotiation based on co-evolutionary genetic algorithm and isolated niche technique, and designs an experiment to simulate the co-evolutionary strategy learning process in an alternating offer negotiation scenario. The experiment results validate that SANCGA algorithm can(More)
Co-evolution has been proved by experiments to be a promising technique to achieve the automatic acquisition of the optimal strategies in automated negotiations. However, little theoretical work can be found currently to verify its validity. In this paper, we will use evolutionary game theory and replicator dynamics as theoretical foundation and study the(More)
As self-interested agents and malicious agents often launch various attacks to reputation systems and these attacks are usually deceptive, collusive, or strategic, it is difficult to keep reputation systems robust against multifarious attacks. Many filtering strategies have been designed for providing robust reputation evaluation and minimizing honest(More)
As agents must comply with a protocol in any communication and interaction, each multi-agent platform had better offer a mechanism to enable agents dynamically load proper protocols according to the interaction mechanism. For this purpose, this paper proposes a protocol ontology framework, and implements it on the Java Agent Development framework (JADE)(More)
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