Yong-qiang Duan

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OBJECTIVE To observe the dynamic time-phase expressions of key genes of brain-gut CaM signal pathway of spleen Qi deficiency rats and the intervention effect of Sijunzi decoction. METHOD Male Wistar rats were randomly divided into the normal control group, model 14 d, 21 d, 28 d groups, and Sijunzi decoction 14 d, 21 d, 28 d groups. Except for the normal(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe changes of [Ca2+]i concentration and CaM, CaMK II and p-CaMK II of Ca2+/CaMK II signaling pathways in skeletal muscle tissue of rats with spleen-qi deficiency and intervention of Sijunzi decoction and extract of Hedysarum polybotrys. METHODS Rats were randomized into four groups: normal control group, spleen-qi deficient model group,(More)
Oxidative stress and excess hepatic lipid accumulation contribute to non‑alcoholic fatty liver disease. Radix Hedysari polysaccharides (RHP) have attracted interest due to their antioxidant properties and immunomodulatory effects. However, the effect of RHP on hepatic lipid metabolism remains to be elucidated. In the present study, the response of(More)
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