Yong-min Yang

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PURPOSE C-Jun NH(2)-terminal kinase (JNK) has been implicated in numerous functions including stress responses, apoptosis,and transformation. The role in transformation is based largely on studies of isolated cell types with little indication of whether JNK plays a general role in a specific human tumor type or whether this occurs in vivo. EXPERIMENTAL(More)
Green fluorescent protein (GFP) exhibits a rigid central beta-barrel, formed by eleven beta-strands with floppy loops spanning between the stands. Herein, we evaluate whether the rigid beta-barrel may serve as a scaffold that can constrain the loops of a foreign protein, and thus its antigenicity. The spanning loops, site 6 of GFP, were engineered with RE(More)
GFP-Ckappa fusion protein was previously shown selectable on ribosome display platform with solid phase antibodies against GFP determinant [Y.-M. Yang, T.J. Barankiewicz, M. He, M. Taussig, S.-S. Chen, Selection of antigenic markers on a GFP-Ckappa fusion scaffold with high sensitivity by eukaryotic ribosome display, Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 359(More)
Ribosome display is a cell-free system permitting gene selection through the physical association of genetic material (mRNA) and its phenotypic (protein) product. While often used to select single-chain antibodies from large libraries by panning against immobilized antigens, we have adapted ribosome display for use in the 'reverse' format in order to select(More)
Immunoglobulin E (IgE) plays a central role in IgE-mediated immediate type hypersensitivity. Since production of IgE depends on Th2, efforts to block IgE production and control allergic reactions include tolerization of Th2 or deviating development of Th2. We hypothesized that cytotoxic T lymphocytes targeting natural IgE peptides/MHC I complexes can(More)
Effect of IgE peptide-specific CTL on IgE antibody production was studied in mouse models. CTL elicited in B6.A2Kb tg mice against a human IgE peptide nonamer, pWV, lysed human IgE-secreting U266 myeloma cells and inhibit IgE production by these cells. U266 transfected with mouse A2Kb transgene (U266-A2Kb) were optimally lysed by these CTL, because the(More)
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