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Protein-RNA interactions play an important role in numbers of fundamental cellular processes such as RNA splicing, transport and translation, protein synthesis and certain RNA-mediated enzymatic processes. The more knowledge of Protein-RNA recognition can not only help to understand the regulatory mechanism, the site-directed mutagenesis and regulation of(More)
—Object handoff is the key technique of the multi-camera system. Since the feature extraction is not accurate and not integrated in the object handoff algorithm based on feature fusion, we propose an algorithm based on decision-level fusion. This algorithm can be described as: firstly, every feature of the object is defined as an evidence, whose basic(More)
The classical Dempster-Shafer theory involves counter-intuitive behaviors when the evidence high conflict. In order to solve the problem, a new approach of weighted evidence combination is proposed. Both evidence distance and inconsistent information are considered to evaluate the conflict. Each piece of evidence is given weight coefficient according to its(More)
Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) play a key role in many cellular processes. Knowing about the multitude of PPIs can help the biological scientist understand the molecular mechanism of the cell. Unfortunately, it is both time-consuming and expensive to do so solely based on experiments. Therefore, developing computational approaches for predicting PPIs,(More)
The time slot allocation is one of the most crucial problems in the tactical internet of TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) protocol since improving the network latency and throughput depending on the efficient management of time slot resources. In this proposed work, a new TDMA based on MAC protocol, which is not only throughput large but also delay(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish diagnostic criteria for common traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) syndromes in osteoporosis. METHODS Based on the collection and analysis of related medical literature, clinical investigation, and expert discussion, a draft of preliminary diagnostic criteria for the basic syndromes of TCM in patients with osteoporosis was(More)
Models based on microfacet were used to describe spectropolarimetric BRDF (short for bidirectional reflectance distribution function) with experimental data. And the spectropolarimetric BRDF values of targets were measured with the comparison to the standard whiteboard, which was considered as Lambert and had a uniform reflectance rate up to 98% at(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a quantitative estimate model for diagnosing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) syndromes of patients with osteoporosis. METHODS Symptoms and signs of osteoporosis and methodology related to syndrome research were collected by reviewing medical literature. The symptoms and sighs were quantitatively classified into three, two or one(More)
The liver CT play an important role in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of liver disease. In this paper, we present a improved approach which introduce more information of texture image in the original NL-means algorithm. The improved algorithm keeps the excellent denioising function and preserving with edge, detail, especially the texture. The(More)