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Research on Harmonic Detection Method based on Adaptive Algorithm
This paper proposes a variable step size LMS/LMF adaptive filter algorithm and derives its formulas. Expand
The Implementation and Analysis of a New Self-Sampling Pi Control All Digital Phase-Locked Loop
A self-sampling PI control all digital phase-locked loop (ADPLL) is introduced in this paper. Expand
A Direct Phase Control Scheme for Unity Power Factor Three-Phase Buck Type Rectifier Based on Svpwm
This paper describes a direct phase control scheme for unity power factor three-phase buck type rectifier modulated with space vector PWM method (SVPWM). Expand
Over-Modulation Technique of Three-Phase Current Source Rectifier Based on FPGA
This paper introduces an over-modulation technique, a continuous extension of space vector PWM (SVPWM) linear control scheme for the three-phase current source rectifier (CSR). By judging theExpand
Modeling and simulation of an improved PLL-controlled circuit for series resonant inverter
This paper analyzes the necessity of PLL-controlled circuit for series resonant inverter in high frequency induction heating power supply and proposes an improved frequency tracking circuit. Model ofExpand
Harmonic pricing model based on harmonic costs and harmonic current excessive penalty
Harmonic will do great harm to power grid and cause economic losses. In order to reduce such losses, the power utilities need additional investment for harmonic suppression measures. The harmonicExpand
A control scheme of current-source PWM rectifier with sliding-mode control under unbalanced operation conditions
In this paper, a new voltage unbalance correction scheme for the pulse-width modulation current-source rectifier is presented. By regulating the instantaneous active/reactive power, a constantExpand
Improved harmonic detection algorithm applied to APF
This paper proposes a variable step size LMS/LMF adaptive filter algorithm, which makes the advantages of high detection accuracy of LMF and high detection speed of LMS fully played. Expand
FPGA-Based All Digital Phase-Locked Loop Controlled Induction Heating Power Supply Operating at Optimized ZVS Mode
This paper introduces a new induction heating power supply, whose rectifier is a three-phase buck-type rectifier modulated with space vector PWM method (SVPWM) and the full-bridge series-resonant inverter is controlled by an all digital phase-locked loop operating at optimized ZVS mode. Expand
Parameters Design of Series Resonant Inverter Circuit
This paper analyzes the main circuit structure of series resonant inverter, and designs the components parameters of main circuit. Expand