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At present the workflow model lacks of time constraints and cannot support complex workflow systems, so the classical Petri net is extended in time and hierarchy in this paper. Based on the above extension, a time-extended and hierarchy-extended workflow-net model is proposed. At the same time the construction algorithm of the THEWF-Net model is presented.(More)
At present, wind power industry has developed rapidly in our country, and has also promoted the step of wind power plant information construction. But in this process, it's impossible to set up a uniform wind power plant management information system using conventional technology and method, because the wind power plant's devices span a long time, have many(More)
Support Vector Machine (SVM) is based on statistical learning theory which developed from the common machine learning. It is an effective tool to deal with limited samples. This paper proposes a model of the dissolved gas analysis (DGA) of transformer based on Multi-class SVM. Firstly, with the combination of SVM multi-class classification methods(More)
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