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In this paper, a novel control method for a six-phase induction machine with nearly square air-gap flux density is proposed and evaluated. In this method, the stator phase windings alternately act as either flux- or torque-producing phases. In this way, the flux and the torque of the induction machine are directly controlled with no vector transformation(More)
In this paper a novel direct field and direct torque control of a six-phase induction machine with special phase current waveform is proposed and evaluated. With the special current waveform a nearly square, smooth rotating flux density in the air gap is generated. The dominant merit of the proposed control and special current waveform is that the flux and(More)
A novel control method is proposed in this paper, namely six-phase motor trapezoidal wave phase current control. By using the trapezoidal phase current waveform, the stator winding is separated into the field winding and the torque winding. The function which is about the field and torque control in directed and separated mode can be realized without the(More)
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