Yong-kang Zhang

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Aminoacyl-transfer RNA (tRNA) synthetases, which catalyze the attachment of the correct amino acid to its corresponding tRNA during translation of the genetic code, are proven antimicrobial drug targets. We show that the broad-spectrum antifungal 5-fluoro-1,3-dihydro-1-hydroxy-2,1-benzoxaborole (AN2690), in development for the treatment of onychomycosis,(More)
Benzoxaboroles are a novel class of drug-like compounds that have been rich sources of novel inhibitors for various enzymes and of new drugs. While examining benzoxaborole activity in phenotypic screens, our attention was attracted by the (aminomethylphenoxy)benzoxaborole family, which potently inhibited Toll-like receptor-stimulated cytokine secretion from(More)
A series of 6-hetaryloxy benzoxaborole compounds was designed and synthesized for a structure-activity relationship (SAR) investigation to assess the changes in antimalarial activity which result from 6-aryloxy structural variation, substituent modification on the pyrazine ring, and optimization of the side chain ester group. This SAR study discovered(More)
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