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Connected Target Coverage (CTC) problem [8], covering given targets fully with the deployed sensors and also guaranteeing connectivity to a sink node, is a challenging scheduling problem. In this paper, unlike the existing heuristic algorithms, we adopt the probabilistic coverage model to solve the problem and develop a heuristic algorithm called CWGC-PM(More)
Despite virtually identical DNA sequences between the sexes, sexual dimorphism is a widespread phenomenon in nature. To a large extent the systematic differences between the sexes must therefore arise from processes involving gene regulation. In accordance, sexual dimorphism in gene expression is common and extensive. Genes with sexually dimorphic(More)
By using improved methods for in situ hybridization to detect expression of androgen receptor (AR) mRNA, the distribution of expression was mapped in the adult male zebra finch brain. In the neural song circuit, robust expression was found in area X of the lobus parolfactorius (LPO) as well as in other song regions previously reported. Expression was also(More)
—Efficient deployment of sensors is an important issue in wireless sensor networks. If we deploy sensors randomly by our hands or carriers only, some unlucky places are not covered forever. In this paper, we propose distributed self-deployment schemes of mobile sensors. At first, sensors are deployed randomly. They then calculate the next positions locally(More)
A critical issue in wireless sensor networks is an energy-efficiency since the sensor batteries have limited energy power and, in most cases, are not rechargeable. The most practical manner relate to this issue is to use a node wake-up scheduling protocol that some sensor nodes stay active to provide sensing service, while the others are inactive for(More)
We compared global patterns of gene expression between two bird species, the chicken and zebra finch, with regard to sex bias of autosomal versus Z chromosome genes, dosage compensation, and evolution of sex bias. Both species appear to lack a Z chromosome-wide mechanism of dosage compensation, because both have a similar pattern of significantly higher(More)
BACKGROUND In this study we compared the surgical management of ischemic mitral regurgitation (IMR) by revascularization alone and by revascularization combined with mitral valve repair. METHODS We studied 355 patients who underwent revascularization alone (n = 168) or revascularization combined with mitral valve repair (n = 187) for IMR from March 1994(More)
Lithium has recently been suggested to have neuroprotective properties in relation to several neurodegenerative diseases. In this study, we examined the potential cytoprotective effect of lithium in preventing oxidative stress-induced protein accumulation and neuronal cell death in the presence of increased α-synuclein levels in vitro and in vivo.(More)
Phage display technology has been applied in many fields of biological and medical sciences to study molecular interactions and especially in the generation of monoclonal antibodies of human origin. However, extremely low display level of antibody molecules on the surface of phage is an intrinsic problem of a phagemid-based display system resulting in low(More)
Black esophagus is a very rare disease and its pathogenesis has been unclear. Black esophagus developed concomitantly with candidiasis after diabetic ketoacidosis has not been reported yet. We report a case who developed esophageal stricture after the treatment of black esophagus and thus balloon dilatation was performed several times but failed, hence,(More)