Yong-feng Zhan

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Chaos-based image cipher has been widely investigated over the last decade or so to meet the increasing demand for real-time secure image transmission over public networks. In this paper, an improved diffusion strategy is proposed to promote the efficiency of the most widely investigated permutation-diffusion type image cipher. By using the novel(More)
Recently, the increasing demand for telemedicine services has raised interest in the use of medical image protection technology. Conventional block ciphers are poorly suited to image protection due to the size of image data and increasing demand for real-time teleradiology and other online telehealth applications. To meet this challenge, this paper presents(More)
In this paper, we have proposed a new method to develop secure image-encryption techniques using a Chirikov Standard Map and Logistic Map . In this technique, a Chirikov standard map is used to shuffle the pixels of the image and hence creating the confusion. The 1D logistic map is further used to create diffusion in the image. Various test images are used(More)
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