Yong-dong Zhang

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SVM (support vector machine) enables effective image classification for semantic image retrieval. However, how to train accurate image classifiers in high-dimensional feature space suffers from the problem of choosing proper training samples. To solve this problem, a novel approach named CGSVM (clustering guided SVM) is presented, which utilizes clustering(More)
In our rushes exploitation task of TRECVID 2006, we propose a novel and interactive rushes video selection and editing method based on hierarchical browsing of key frames, where high level features of each key frame such as face, interview, person, crowd, building, outdoor, waterbody, and other information about redundancy and repetition are displayed at(More)
With the advent of video sharing websites, the amount of videos on the internet grows rapidly. Web video categorization is an efficient methodology for organizing the huge amount of videos. In this paper we investigate the characteristics of web videos, and make two contributions for the large scale incremental web video categorization. First, we develop an(More)
This paper describes the highlights of our interactive search system VideoMap for TRECVID 2009. To enhance the efficiency, the system has a map based displaying interface, which gives the user a global view about the similarity relationships among the whole video collection, and provides an active annotating manner to quickly localize the potential positive(More)
In this demonstration, a two-level system for semantic-based image retrieval is proposed. To overcome the shortcoming of the traditional retrieval system, we present a novel method which can provide effective retrieval result in a short time. Firstly, it uses surrounding text to get a related candidate image set. Secondly, a semantic network is used to map(More)
Omnidirectional video is a kind of new emerging media. The filed of view of an omnidirectional video can be 360 degrees in vertical and horizontal. The users can navigate interactively through the scene and change their view angel. The scene of an omnidirectional video is often projected on the surface of a sphere or a cylinder to store, which is a(More)
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