Yong-dong Pan

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In this paper, the wave propagation in a functionally graded piezoelectric coating on a cylinder is studied. Considering the piezoelectricity of the coating with an orthotropic symmetry, the wave equations and system matrices for state vector are obtained for SH and P-SV waves propagating along both the axial and circumferential directions. It is found that(More)
The piezoelectric material is playing a more and more important role in the active control of the wave propagation, and is introduced into the one-dimensional phononic crystal for the actively wave control. In this paper, the P-SV wave propagation in the periodic piezoelectric layered material is studied, a model of the problem is established, and the wave(More)
In this paper, the SH wave propagation in a layered magneto-electric hollow cylinder is studied. The wave equations and system matrices for state vector are obtained for SH wave propagating along the circumferential direction. It is found that the propagation of SH wave is coupled to the electric and magnetic field. The zero-order mode SH0 is non-dispersive(More)
The dispersion characteristics of a piezoelectric plate under the laser excitation are studied. The LAMB wave dispersion curves of the piezoelectric plate are calculated for both electrically open and closed boundary conditions. It is found that the dispersion curves of LAMB wave are greatly influenced by the electrical boundary. The spectra of the(More)
The interaction of ultrasonic waves with cracks is analyzed numerically in this paper. The nonlinear effect due to the asymmetric stiffness called contact acoustic nonlinearity (CAN) is focused. Longitudinal wave and Raleigh wave are excited separately to investigate their nonlinear interaction with cracks. Numerical results demonstrate that super-harmonics(More)
Laser ultrasonic technique is an advanced development of the traditional ultrasound technique. Compared to the traditional ultrasonic technique, it has advantages such as non-contact detection. In this paper, an isotropic semi-infinite solid is employed as the theoretical model to analyze the acoustic field generated by the laser pulse. The differential(More)
Functionally graded materials (FGMs) show great potential, and the development of new FGMs will lead to materials that have properties not achievable with homogeneous materials. The dispersion curves of surface acoustic wave propagating in coating structures are investigated using the reflection and transmission coefficient method. It's found that the(More)
The piezoelectric material is playing a more and more important role in the active control of the wave propagation. Although the propagation of P-SV wave in the laminate has been analyzed, the acoustic field distribution of the piezoelectric laminate is not definitely posted, and the relationship between the transmission coefficients and the incident angle(More)
A detailed study is undertaken to analyze the dispersion characteristics of a coating under laser excitation. The surface wave dispersion is one of its inherent properties. Two-dimensional Fourier transform is applied to convert the experiment data in the time-space domain into the frequency-wave-number domain, where the peaks form the dispersive curves. A(More)
The laser excited wave propagation in a single piezoelectric plate under a bias electric field is studied theoretically. The state vector approach is used to derive the differential equations for the piezoelectric plate under a bias electric field. The laser is modeled as a transient force at the boundary. By solving the state space equation, both the(More)