Yong-bin Kim

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This paper proposes a novel approach to minimize leakage current in CMOS circuit during the off-state (or standby mode, sleep mode) by setting the optimal substrate bias voltage to control the transistor threshold voltage. The total minimum leakage current is found by comparing the subthreshold current (ISUB) and band-to-band current (IBTBT). The proposed(More)
This paper presents techniques to determine the optimal reverse body bias (RBB) voltage to minimize leakage currents in modern nanoscale CMOS technology. The proposed self-adaptive RBB system finds the optimum reverse body bias voltage for minimal leakage power adaptively by comparing subthreshold leakage current (I<sub>SUBTH</sub>), gate tunneling leakage(More)
It is observed that there are two limitations with conventional MOSFET, especially Sub threshold swings and high Ioff current. Subthreshold has minimum value of 60 mV/decade [1]. But we cannot get lower sub-threshold swing than this value with conventional MOSFET. These limitations are overcome by Tunnel Field effect transistors (TFET). TFET is working on(More)
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