Yong-Zhu Yi

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BACKGROUND The major royal jelly proteins/yellow (MRJP/YELLOW) family possesses several physiological and chemical functions in the development of Apis mellifera and Drosophila melanogaster. Each protein of the family has a conserved domain named MRJP. However, there is no report of MRJP/YELLOW family proteins in the Lepidoptera. RESULTS Using the YELLOW(More)
The 30 K proteins, the major group of hemolymph proteins in the silkworm, Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae), are structurally related with molecular masses of ∼30 kDa and are involved in various physiological processes, e.g., energy storage, embryonic development, and immune responses. For this report, known 30 K protein gene sequences were used as(More)
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