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[1] Based on 1–2 years of continuous observations of seismic ambient noise data obtained at more than 600 stations in and around Tibet, Rayleigh wave phase velocity maps are constructed from 10 s to 60 s period. A 3-D Vsv model of the crust and uppermost mantle is derived from these maps. The 3-D model exhibits significant apparently interconnected low(More)
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen 4 (CTLA-4) is an essential negative regulator of T cell immune responses whose mechanism of action is the subject of debate. CTLA-4 shares two ligands (CD80 and CD86) with a stimulatory receptor, CD28. Here, we show that CTLA-4 can capture its ligands from opposing cells by a process of trans-endocytosis. After removal, these(More)
Cell-surface receptors frequently use scaffold proteins to recruit cytoplasmic targets, but the rationale for this is uncertain. Activated receptor tyrosine kinases, for example, engage scaffolds such as Shc1 that contain phosphotyrosine (pTyr)-binding (PTB) domains. Using quantitative mass spectrometry, here we show that mammalian Shc1 responds to(More)
Recommender systems are important building blocks in many of today's e-commerce applications including targeted advertising, personalized marketing and information retrieval. In recent years, the importance of contextual information has motivated many researchers to focus on designing systems that produce personalized recommendations in accordance with the(More)
Cotton is one of the most important crops for its natural textile fibers in the world. However, it often suffered from drought stress during its growth and development, resulting in a drastic reduction in cotton productivity. Therefore, study on molecular mechanism of cotton drought-tolerance is very important for increasing cotton production. To(More)
Cell signaling, one of key processes in both normal cellular function and disease, is coordinated by numerous interactions between membrane proteins that change in response to stimuli. We present a split ubiquitin-based method for detection of integral membrane protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in human cells, termed mammalian-membrane two-hybrid assay(More)
[1] Ambient noise tomography is applied to the significant data resources now available across Tibet and surrounding regions to produce Rayleigh wave phase speed maps at periods between 6 and 50 s. Data resources include the permanent Federation of Digital Seismographic Networks, five temporary U. paths. With such a heterogeneous data set, data quality(More)
The presence of histone H3 lysine 36 methylation (H3K36me) correlates with actively transcribed genes. In yeast, histone H3K36me mediated by KMT3 (also known as Set2) recruits a histone deacetylase complex, Rpd3s, to ensure the fidelity of transcription initiation. We report the purification of human KMT3a (also known as HYPB or hSet2) complex and the(More)
Context-aware recommendation (CARS) has been shown to be an effective approach to recommendation in a number of domains. However, the problem of identifying appropriate contextual variables remains: using too many contextual variables risks a drastic increase in dimensionality and a loss of accuracy in recommendation. In this paper, we propose a novel(More)