Yong-Yue Lin

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Reaction of equimolar amounts of AgCN and PCy3 gave the polymer [(Cy3P)Ag(NCAgCN)]infinity (1), whereas employment of excess PCy3 yielded the discrete compound [(Cy3P)2Ag(NCAgCN)] (2). Reacting bis(dicyclohexylphosphino)methane (dcpm) with AgCN in 1:1 and 1:2 molar ratios gave two crystalline forms, namely [Ag2(mu-dcpm)2][Ag(CN)2]2 x (CH3OH)2 (3a x(More)
Two-phase superconductor tapes were produced by blending high purity magnesium diboride powder with a liquid ethylcellulose-based polymeric binder. This procedure produced a material which is easily formable with a high superconducting transition temperature (38K). We show that the bulk superconducting properties are not affected by the presence of the(More)
We present an examination of the structural and photophysical characteristics of [Pt(N(2)O(2))] complexes bearing bis(phenoxy)diimine auxiliaries (diimine=4,7-Ph(2)phen (1) and 4,4'-tBu(2)bpy (2)) that are tetradentate relatives of the quinolinolato (q) ligand. These neutral derivatives display high thermal stability (>400 degrees C in N(2)). While the(More)
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