Yong-Young Kim

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Knowledge needs to traverse through social and cognitive boundaries as it is transformed from information to innovation. Little is known, however, regarding what, if any, role various IT material constraints and affordances play in supporting multidisciplinary innovations involving the complexities of heterogeneous knowledge. The notion of affordance has(More)
The increased fluidity and agility of organizations demand the smooth mediation of information technology (IT) between user and task. As rigid hierarchies are giving way to open, loosely-coupled, mobile ways for collaborative business, mobility enabled by IT tools has been proposed as potential capability that can provide new dimensions in such mediation.(More)
The forecasted growth of the online gaming industry in Korea is expected to reach over 11.8 trillion Korean won (KRW) by 2014. Nearly 60 % of domestic residents play online games. Online games are becoming an integral part of life and we need different perspectives to look into this subject rather than focus on the negatives such as online gaming addiction.(More)
The computer is no longer a tool solely used for enhancing the productivity of organizational tasks. Rather, computing capability now is embedded into our everyday artifacts, enabling our daily activities to become smarter and easier. As a result, the way we interact with computers has radically changed in the past few years: computing is now being designed(More)
This study investigates the factors that influence the user’s (postal workers’) welfare in using personal digital assistants (PDAs) that were implemented by mandate in the Korea Postal Services (KPS). The authors propose to expand our perspective towards users’ welfare that becomes vulnerable when information systems (IS) are implemented by mandate, and(More)
Social interaction is the most important factor that distinguishes online games from traditional computer games. In recent years, online games have become a part of everyday life because such games provide opportunities for users to play with or against others and consequently make friends or strengthen existing relationships. In addition, concern for the(More)
The era of Smart Work emerges as a means for enabling us to overcome spatial and temporal constraints. Smart Work means the work that individuals perform from a physical distances for their organizations in a flexible and innovative manner using mobile devices such as smartphones. Thanks to the Smart Work affordances with seamless access enabled by using(More)
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