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A study of shear strength properties of municipal solid waste in Chongqing landfill, China
The aim of this study is to analyze the effect of biodegradation on the shear strength of municipal solid waste (MSW), leachate, and biogas production. The direct shear (DS) test shows that the shearExpand
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Thermal Analysis of Water-Cooled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicles
In order to study heat generation and dissipation of water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor in electric vehicle, the major energy loss was calculated and the finite element model forExpand
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Synthesis and Photoluminescence of Zn 2 SnO 4 Nanowires.
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The Seismic Stability Numerical Analysis of Embankment High Slope with Different Filling
In recent years, frequent earthquakes had happenned everywhere in the world.Through establishing soil dynamic constitutive model and boundary conditions, implement finite element numerical analysisExpand
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The Influence to Modal Parameters of Retaining Wall by the Elastic Modulus of Soil
The characteristic of soil is one of the main factors that influence the modal parameters of retaining wall. This paper analyzes the influence to modal parameters of retaining wall by the elasticExpand
Application of Information Entropy and FAHP Evaluation Model in Optimization Decision of Bracing System for Deep Excavation
The selection of bracing system for a deep excavation is a quite complex system engineering which relates to many target factors of safety and feasibility, economy and rationality, constructionExpand
Displacement Back Analysis for Rock Parameters of Deep Foundation Pit
Numerical analysis is effective means to evaluate deep excavation influence in the sensitive environmental condition, and it is key issues to choose the elastic modulus of rock parameters reasonably.Expand
Asphaltene Deposition Forecasting Methods
Asphaltene deposition problems occurred in many oil fields in worldwide, which maybe block up wellbore, damage the permeability of reservoir and decline oil productivity. There are many factors toExpand
Study on Real-Time Control of Power System Stability
This paper presents the design method Delays affect static var compensator WAN additional damping controller, containing static var compensator new power system, for example, through a controlledExpand
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The Research of Verifying Low Voltage Ride through of Double-Fed Wind Turbine Generator System and Voltage Dropping Simulation
In order to maintain the stable operation of grid system, the grid company requires wind turbine generator system with low-voltage ride through (LVRT) capability. With this issue, the article buildsExpand