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Antioxidant enzymes are related to the resistance to various abiotic stresses including salinity. Barley is relatively tolerant to saline stress among crop plants, but little information is available on barley antioxidant enzymes under salinity stress. We investigated temporal and spatial responses of activities and isoform profiles of superoxide dismutase(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the overall cost effectiveness of surgical skills training on Robotic Surgical Simulator (RoSS). METHODS This study evaluates the cost analysis of utilizing RoSS for robot-assisted surgical training, at Roswell Park Center for Robotic Surgery. Trainees were queried for time spent on the RoSS console over a period of 1 year, starting(More)
This paper formulates an integrated inventory model that allows Stackelberg game policy for optimizing joint total cost of a vendor and buyer system. After receiving the lot, the buyer commences an inspection process to determine the defective items. All defective items the buyer sends to vendor during the receiving of the next lot. Due to increasing number(More)
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