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The need for more realistic and richer forms of assessment i n educational tests has led to the inclusion (in many tests) of polytomously scored items, multiple items based on a single stimulus (a "testlet"), and the increased use of a generalized mixture of binary and polytomous item formats. In this paper we extend earlier work (Bradlow, Wainer & Wang,(More)
PURPOSE The higher prevalence of respiratory allergic disease may be due to increased exposure to inhalation allergens. We conducted a survey of allergic diseases in autumn and winter with detection of major indoor allergens in major cities in Korea. METHODS We enrolled 110 subjects from the fourth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey(More)
As part of its educational and social mission and in fulfilling the organization's non-profit Charter and Bylaws, ETS has and continues to learn from and also to lead research that furthers educational and measurement research to advance quality and equity in education and assessment for all users of the organization's products and services. No part of this(More)
This study examined lexical processing in English by native speakers of Korean and Chinese, compared to that of native speakers of English, using normal, alternated, and inverse fonts. Sixty four adult students participated in a lexical decision task. The findings demonstrated similarities and differences in accuracy and latency among the three L1 groups.(More)
This study investigated the tendency of overpassivization of unaccusative verbs by Korean learners of English as a foreign language (FL). Sixty Korean native college students participated in the study, along with 17 English-speaking counterparts serving as a comparison group. Consistent with the findings of previous research, this study found Korean(More)