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The proliferation of large-scale DNA-sequencing projects in recent years has driven a search for alternative methods to reduce time and cost. Here we describe a scalable, highly parallel sequencing system with raw throughput significantly greater than that of state-of-the-art capillary electrophoresis instruments. The apparatus uses a novel fibre-optic(More)
We introduce a new index to measure substitution saturation in a set of aligned nucleotide sequences. The index is based on the notion of entropy in information theory. We derive the critical values of the index based on computer simulation with different sequence lengths, different number of OTUs and different topologies. The critical value enables(More)
Many problems encountered when applying machine learning in practice involve predicting a \class" that takes on a continuous numeric value, yet few machine learning schemes are able to do this. This paper describes a \rational reconstruction" of M5, a method developed by Quinlan (1992) for inducing trees of regression models. In order to accommodate data(More)
Over the past decade, mobile computing and wireless communication have become increasingly important drivers of many new computing applications. The field of wireless sensor networks particularly focuses on applications involving autonomous use of compute, sensing, and wireless communication devices for both scientific and commercial purposes. This paper(More)
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials • 2nd Quarter 2006 2 dvances in wireless communication and electronics have enabled the development of low-cost, low-power, multifunctional sensor nodes. These tiny sensor nodes, consisting of sensing, data processing, and communication components, make it possible to deploy Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), which(More)
MOTIVATION Microarray gene expression data has increasingly become the common data source that can provide insights into biological processes at a system-wide level. One of the major problems with microarrays is that a dataset consists of relatively few time points with respect to a large number of genes, which makes the problem of inferring gene regulatory(More)
Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) with unpredictable node mobility is a challenging problem because disconnections are prevalent and lack of knowledge about network dynamics hinders good decision making. Current approaches are primarily based on redundant transmissions. They have either high overhead due to excessive transmissions or long delays due(More)
Model trees, which are a type of decision tree with linear regression functions at the leaves, form the basis of a recent successful technique for predicting continuous numeric values. They can be applied to classification problems by employing a standard method of transforming a classification problem into a problem of function approximation. Surprisingly,(More)