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The white matter is the structure of the brain that declines most with age-almost 30%, but little is known about the age-effect on the fibers that constitute the white matter. In the present study, the total length of myelinated fibers was measured with a newly developed stereologic method. Specimens came from 36 normal Danes (18 males and 18 females) with(More)
With the capability of infecting hundreds of thousands of hosts, worms represent a major threat to the Internet. The defense against Internet worms is largely an open problem. This paper investigates two important problems. Can a localized defense system detect new worms that were not seen before and moreover, capture the attack packets? How to identify(More)
An Internet worm automatically replicates itself to vulnerable systems and may infect hundreds of thousands of servers across the Internet. It is conceivable that the cyber-terrorists may use a wide-spread worm to cause major disruption to our Internet economy. While much recent research concentrates on propagation models, the defense against worms is(More)
To manage and conserve biodiversity, one must know what is being lost, where, and why, as well as which remedies are likely to be most effective. Metabarcoding technology can characterise the species compositions of mass samples of eukaryotes or of environmental DNA. Here, we validate metabarcoding by testing it against three high-quality standard data sets(More)
Users see that cloud computing delivers elastic computing services to users based on their needs. Cloud computing service providers must make sure enough resources are provided to meet users’ demand, by either the provision of more than enough resource, or the provision of just-enough resource. This paper investigates the growth of the user set of a cloud(More)
Several neurodegenerative diseases are typified by intraneuronal alpha-synuclein deposits, synaptic dysfunction, and dementia. While even modest alpha-synuclein elevations can be pathologic, the precise cascade of events induced by excessive alpha-synuclein and eventually culminating in synaptotoxicity is unclear. To elucidate this, we developed a(More)
Neurofibromatosis type 2 is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by tumors, predominantly schwannomas, in the nervous system. It is caused by mutations in the gene NF2, encoding the growth regulator schwannomin (also known as merlin). Mutations occur throughout the 17-exon gene, with most resulting in protein truncation and undetectable amounts of(More)
Resistance to chemotherapy is a significant barrier to the effective management of prostate cancer. Human pregnane X receptor (hPXR), an orphan nuclear receptor known for its activation by many important clinical drugs, interacts with many cellular signaling pathways during carcinogenesis and is a major transcription factor regulating the expression of drug(More)