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The impacts of risk and competition on bank profitability in China
Several rounds of banking reforms in China have aimed to increase the competitive condition and further enhance stability in the Chinese banking sector, while the joint effects of competition andExpand
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Bank profitability and inflation: the case of China
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the determinants of bank profitability in China. It examines the effects of inflation on bank profitability, while controlling for comprehensiveExpand
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Social Networks and the Diffusion of User-Generated Content: Evidence from YouTube
This paper is motivated by the success of YouTube, which is attractive to content creators as well as corporations for its potential to rapidly disseminate digital content. Expand
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Network Effects: The Influence of Structural Capital on Open Source Project Success
What determines the success of open source projects? In this study, we investigate the impact of network social capital on open source project success. We define network social capital as theExpand
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Feeling Blue? Go Online: An Empirical Study of Social Support Among Patients
  • L. Yan, Yong Tan
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Inf. Syst. Res.
  • 1 December 2014
We propose a nonhomogeneous Partially Observed Markov Decision Process POMDP model to examine the latent health outcomes for online health community members. Expand
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Do I Follow My Friends or the Crowd? Information Cascades in Online Movie Ratings
Online product ratings are widely available on the Internet and are known to influence prospective buyers. Expand
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A Hidden Markov Model of Developer Learning Dynamics in Open Source Software Projects
This study develops a stochastic model to capture developer learning dynamics in open source software projects (OSS). Expand
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Analysis of a Least Recently Used Cache Management Policy for Web Browsers
This study analyzes a LRU (Least Recently Used) policy for cache management in a web browser. Expand
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Comparing uniform and flexible policies for software maintenance and replacement
The importance of software maintenance in managing the life-cycle costs of a system cannot be overemphasized. Expand
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Evaluation and design of online cooperative feedback mechanisms for reputation management
This research evaluates and analyzes existing mechanisms of online reputation systems based on cooperative feedbacks of past transaction information based on exponential smoothing. Expand
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