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To examine the relationships of pitching performance to maximum external rotation of the shoulder and to time in the acceleration phase, 3 male baseball pitchers were tested using three-dimensional cinematography. Analysis indicated that increasing maximum external rotation of the shoulder at the very beginning of the acceleration phase would help to(More)
BACKGROUND Vitamin D receptors have been mapped throughout the brain suggesting a role for vitamin D in psychosomatic disorders. Results from previous epidemiological studies on relation between vitamin D status and depression are equivocal. Also, limited information is available relating vitamin D status with depression in young adult US population. (More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the contributions of selected fundamental factors, such as arm length, sitting height, simple vision reaction time (SVRT), choice vision reaction time (CVRT), muscle strength, and range of motion (ROM) at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints to wheelchair basketball (WCB) performance as measured by season(More)
To examine how reaction forces and muscle activity change when transferring from a wheelchair to three different heights, six male able-bodied college students were tested. Analysis indicated that transferring to a lower seat position generated a greater vertical reaction force and required more muscle effort from triceps and posterior deltoid muscles.(More)
A number of in vitro, invasive in vivo, and non-invasive marker based multi-segment foot models (MSFMs) have reported significant motion in the articulations distal to the calcaneus during gait. Few studies, however, have applied a MSFM to the investigation of the effect of foot posture on gait kinematics. Differences in stance phase kinematics between(More)
This study investigated the changes of force patterns of the heel strike and toe off phases at different heel heights during normal walking. Ten healthy female college students wore running shoes, flat leather shoes and high heeled shoes while walking on a Kistler force platform at their self-comfortable paces. It was found that the high heeled shoes and(More)
CONTEXT Foot-orthosis (FO) intervention to prevent and treat numerous lower extremity injuries is widely accepted clinically. However, the results of quantitative gait analyses have been equivocal. The foot models used, participants receiving intervention, and orthoses used might contribute to the variability. OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of a(More)
The purposes of this study were to examine the consistency of wheelchair athletes' upper-limb kinematics in consecutive propulsive cycles and to investigate the relationship between the maximum angular velocities of the upper arm and forearm and the consistency of the upper-limb kinematical pattern. Eleven elite international wheelchair racers propelled(More)
Using cinematography to identify the drive and recovery phases in wheelchair racing, it has been reported that the drive phase was approximately 33% of each propulsive cycle time, with remaining time devoted to the recovery phase. In this study, an electronic timing device has been developed to accurately measure the drive phase time and recovery phase time(More)