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ATSC Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcasting Using Single Frequency Networks
The proposed scheme to synchronize multiple transmitters minimizes the changes from the conventional ATSC system, the hardware complexity for these changes is very low and it is possible to reduce the performance degradation by increasing the initialization period of the proposed scheme.
Equalization digital on-channel repeater in the single frequency networks
Equalization DOCR (EDOCR) is introduced which regenerates the original 8-VSB output signal with relatively short time system processing delay and can eliminate the loop-back signal up to 5.5 dB with 5 /spl mu/s system processing Delay.
Equalization On-Channel Repeater for Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting System
The proposed equalization OCR does not have only short processing delay, but also provides high quality transmitting signals with high power because of the rejection capability of a feedback signal introduced by incomplete antenna isolation and multipath signals existing between a main transmitter and the OCR.
Blind decision feedback equalization for VSB-based DTV receivers
We present a novel blind decision feedback equalization algorithm for VSB-based DTV receivers by modifying a stop-and-go dual-mode algorithm to improve the performance of convergence speed and
An efficient emergency broadcasting signal multiplexing method for supporting the legacy T-DMB receivers in break-in system
To reduce the T-DMB EBS implementation cost, efficient encoding and multiplexing schemes are proposed and adopted to the system and efficiently built.
An adaptive carrier synchronization technique for robust 8-VSB DTV reception
The proposed carrier synchronization technique not only provides a robust 8-VSB DTV reception in fixed and indoor environments, but also makes it possible to watch HDTV in the portable environment.
Design and implementation of a novel emergency wake-up alert system within a conventional T-DMB service network
A novel emergency wake-up alert system within a conventional T-DMB service network is proposed that can be transmitted without degrading the existing T- DMB signal quality and can be detected at very low power emergency wakeup alert signal.
Development of T-DMB emergency broadcasting system and trial service with the legacy receivers
The emergency broadcasting system based on T-DMB network have been developed and installed in tunnel environment. This paper describes implementation and field test results of the T-DMB emergency
A Design of Equalization Digital On-Channel Repeater for Single Frequency Network ATSC System
The designed EDOCR can produce an exact replica of the main transmitter's signal with high SNR although there may be adjacent channels and input signal is distorted by multipath and noise.
Interference Cancellation Techniques for Digital On-Channel Repeaters in T-DMB System
In the performance evaluations, it is shown that the optimum FDCE outperforms a perfect FDCE and can solve the problems caused by a limited channel information update, a phase distortion of the equalizer, and a residual feedback signal.