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Isolation and Identification of Antifungal Compounds from Bacillus subtilis C9 Inhibiting the Growth of Plant Pathogenic Fungi
Results from the present study demonstrated the significant potential of the purified compound from isolate C9 for use as a biocontrol agent as well as a plant growth promoter with the ability to trigger induced systemic resistance of plants.
Inhibitory cross‐talk between the AMPK and ERK pathways mediates endoplasmic reticulum stress‐induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle
The present study was undertaken to determine whether the chemical or genetic inhibition ER stress pathway targeting by ERK results in metabolic benefits in muscle cells.
Chemical composition and insecticidal properties of Cinnamomum aromaticum (Nees) essential oil against the stored product beetle Callosobruchus maculatus (F.).
The results obtained from this study suggest that the toxicity and insecticidal activity of C. aromaticum are attributable to its essential oil, which could beused asabiodegradable and naturalbioprotectant for controlling stored product pests.
Immune-modulating activities of polysaccharides extracted from brown algae Hizikia fusiforme
From the mono-sugar composition, HFP-associated fucose based on HFP of H. fusiforme acts as immune modulator andPolysaccharide exhibited the potential macrophage stimulating effects than water extract (HFW) such as NO production and enhanced pro-inflammatory cytokines on the Raw 264.7 cells and splenocytes.
Hepatoprotective effect of water extract from Chrysanthemum indicum L. flower
HCIF inhibited bioactivation of CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity and downregulates CYP2E1 expression in vitro and in vivo, and significantly reduced the levels of GOT and LDH in this in vivo study.
Antitumor and immunomodulating activities of endo-biopolymers obtained from a submerged culture of Pleurotus eryngii
Antitumor effect of endo-biopolymer (EBP) obtained from submerged mycelial culture of Pleurotus eryngii was investigated by using Sarcoma-180 bearing mice. The administration of EBP,
Emodin Isolated from Polygoni cuspidati Radix Inhibits TNF-α and IL-6 Release by Blockading NF-κB and MAP Kinase Pathways in Mast Cells Stimulated with PMA Plus A23187
The findings of this study suggest that the anti-inflammatory effects of emodin on PMA plus A23187-stimulated BMMCs are mediated via the inhibition of NF-κB activation and of the MAPK pathway.