Yong-Surk Lee

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In this papec we pi-opose new methods for calctrlating fast VLSl arithmetic algorithms for secure data encryption and decryption in the Elliptic Curve Ctyptosystem (ECC), and also verrfji the proofofconcepts by numerical expressions and through the use of HDL (Hardware Description Language). Ne have developed a fast finite field multiplier that utilizes a(More)
The Booth algorithm has a characteristic that the Booth algorithm produces the Booth encoded products with a value of zero when input data stream have sequentially equal values. Therefore, partial products have greater chances of being zero when the one with a smaller dynamic range of two inputs is used as a multiplier. To minimize greater switching(More)
This paper presents a network security camera system and its application to provide visual information to consumer electronics devices in ubiquitous environment. For this system, we developed a network camera processor chip and a network security board. The processor includes a digital camera processor, a motion JPEG encoder, an Ethernet controller and an(More)
In this paper we designed a low hardware cost and fast DSP unit for 32-bit embedded EISC (Expanded Instruction Set Computer) microprocessor. The DSP unit operates as a functional unit of a integer core. This architecture can reduce the hardware cost and control easily the pipeline of the processor. The MAC/MAS unit was designed using hybrid radix-4/radix-8(More)
In this paper we present an embedded network camera processor (NCP) system on a chip (SoC) for various low-power multimedia applications. The NCP SoC comprises a digital camera processor optimized for aCCDsensor, a motion JPEG encoder to compress the data, an Ethernet controller to transmit the data, ARM processor and many peripherals. Using the NCP SoC(More)
In this paper, we proposed a processor architecture that is suitable for next generation embedded applications, especially for personal information devices such as smart phones, PDAs, and handheld computers. Latest high performance embedded processors are developed to achieve high clock speed. Because increasing performance makes design more difficult and(More)
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