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  • Byeong S. Chang, Cynthia S. Randall, Yong S. Lee
  • 1993
Porcine pancreatic elastase, a well-characterized serine protease, has been used as a model to assess the effects of excessive humidity on solid-state stability of the lyophilized protein. Elastase lyophilized without excipients retained full activity immediately after freeze-drying but became denatured upon continued storage at 40°C, 75% relative humidity.(More)
SUMMARY A new approach on designing a finite field mul-tiplier architecture is proposed. The proposed architecture trades reduction in the number of clock cycles with resources. This architecture features high performance, simple structure, scalabil-ity and independence on the choice of the finite field, and can be used in high security cryptographic(More)
— Projected capacitive touch panels have been widely used in many mobile application systems such as smartphones and tablet PCs. We fabricated projected capacitive-type touch sensors using printed circuit boards. It has equivalent parasitic capacitive loads with a 10 " touch panel. In this paper, we discuss projected capacitive touch technologies and their(More)
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