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Ydr374c (Pho92) contains a YTH domain in its C-terminal region and is a human YTHDF2 homologue. Previously, we reported that Pho92 regulates phosphate metabolism by regulating PHO4 mRNA stability. In this study, we found that growth of the ∆pho92 strain on SG media was slower than that of the wild type and that PHO92 expression was up-regulated by(More)
The homologue of human YTHDF2, Ydr374c (Pho92), is the only protein that has a YTH (YT521-B homology) domain in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Based on microarray analysis, genes involved in the phosphate signal transduction (PHO) pathway were up-regulated in the Δpho92 strain, as were genes regulated by Pho4, which is an important transcription factor in the(More)
We investigated the copper metabolism of Aspergillus fumigatus, which has not been characterized well. We cloned the putative copper transporters ctrA2 and ctrC from A. fumigatus and investigated the functions of these transporters in copper metabolism. Four putative copper transporters were identified in the A. fumigatus genome; ctrA2 and ctrC complemented(More)
The circadian clock coordinates daily oscillations of essential physiological and behavioral processes. Conversely, aberrant clocks with damped amplitude and/or abnormal period have been associated with chronic diseases and aging. To search for small molecules that perturb or enhance circadian rhythms, we conducted a high-throughput screen of approximately(More)
FgFtr1 and FgFtr2 are putative iron permeases, and FgFet1 and FgFet2 are putative ferroxidases of Fusarium graminearum. They have high homologies with iron permease ScFtr1 and ferroxidase ScFet3 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae at the amino acid level. The genes encoding iron permease and ferroxidase were localized to the same chromosome in the manner of(More)
Two-hybrid analysis can be used to study protein function and metabolic pathways. Using yeast two-hybrid analysis to identify a siderophore uptake pathway in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we found that the C-terminal part of the cell-wall protein Sed1p interacts with the N-terminal region of Arn3p. To confirm the physical interaction between the Sed1p(More)
—The cloud environment makes it possible to analyze large data sets in a scalable computing infrastructure. In the bioinformatics field, the applications are composed of the complex workflow tasks, which require huge data storage as well as a computing-intensive parallel workload. Many approaches have been introduced in distributed solutions. However, they(More)
This report investigated FgSit1, which encodes a putative ferrichrome transporter of Fusarium graminearum. The identity of the deduced amino acid sequence of FgSit1 with the amino acid sequence of ScArn1p, an FC-Fe(3+) transporter of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, was 51%; both the growth defect related to the Deltafet3Deltaarn1-4 strain of S. cerevisiae in an(More)
In this research, we have developed a Multi-Agent based Negotiation Support System to enhance the competitive power of a company in dynamic environments and correspond to various orders from customers by capitalizing on electronic commerce. The system uses the agent technology that comes to light as a new paradigm in dynamic environment and flexible system(More)