Yong-Sung Park

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—The cloud environment makes it possible to analyze large data sets in a scalable computing infrastructure. In the bioinformatics field, the applications are composed of the complex workflow tasks, which require huge data storage as well as a computing-intensive parallel workload. Many approaches have been introduced in distributed solutions. However, they(More)
In this research, we have developed a Multi-Agent based Negotiation Support System to enhance the competitive power of a company in dynamic environments and correspond to various orders from customers by capitalizing on electronic commerce. The system uses the agent technology that comes to light as a new paradigm in dynamic environment and flexible system(More)
Ydr374c (Pho92) contains a YTH domain in its C-terminal region and is a human YTHDF2 homologue. Previously, we reported that Pho92 regulates phosphate metabolism by regulating PHO4 mRNA stability. In this study, we found that growth of the ∆pho92 strain on SG media was slower than that of the wild type and that PHO92 expression was up-regulated by(More)
The spread of the Internet and development of e-commerce technology have redefined commercial transactions, and a succession of attempts to embody actual transactions has proliferated in the e-commerce environment. Several studies have been continuously attempted to embody the function of negotiations in the e-commerce environment, since negotiations have(More)
Nowadays, many researches are being been made for the development of new transaction system in an effort to transform current off-line system into on-line one. However, these researches mainly focuses on ordinary commercial transaction system, i.e. the one that supports fixed price transaction, in which consumers usually ought to buy goods at the price(More)
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