Yong Suk Ryang

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Since the Gordius worm is a parasite of crickets and several arthropods, cases of humans infected with this worm have been rare and accidental. A Gordius worm was obtained from a three-year-old girl who consulted a local clinic in Gwangju, Kyunggi-do, Korea. She lived in a rural area, and had eaten an insect that looked like a cricket. She expelled the worm(More)
Food crops have come under increasing threat from soil insect pests as a result of monotonous use of arable land and the unavailability or ban of soil insecticides. The development of new management strategies is hindered by the limited knowledge of the identity and biology of local soil pests. A literature survey was carried out focusing on the cold(More)
Parvatrema chaii n. sp. (Digenea: Gymnophallidae) is described using the worms recovered from experimentally infected mice in Korea. The metacercariae were collected from surf-clams, Mactra veneriformis, from a tidal flat in Sochon-gun, Chungchongnam-do. The metacercariae were elliptical (0.262 x 0.132 mm), and the genital pore had an anterior arch of 16-17(More)
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