Yong Suk Oh

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A highly stretchable, low-cost strain sensor was successfully prepared using an extremely cost-effective ionic liquid of ethylene glycol/sodium chloride. The hysteresis performance of the ionic-liquid-based sensor was able to be improved by introducing a wavy-shaped fluidic channel diminishing the hysteresis by the viscoelastic relaxation of elastomers.(More)
INTRODUCTION The synchrony of the pacing heart can be affected by the right ventricular (RV) pacing site and is crucial to cardiac function in pacemaker recipients. We evaluated the acute changes in cardiac synchrony according to the RV pacing sites in normal systolic functioning subjects with normal QRS. METHODS We conducted this study with 30 patients(More)
High-performance multiscale metallic transparent conductors (TCs) are demonstrated by incorporating Ag nanowire (NW) networks into microscale Ag grid structures. Highly conductive Ag grids are fabricated via direct imprinting of an Ag ion ink using a reservoir-assisted mold. In this mold, a macroscale cavity, called the "reservoir", is designed to connect(More)
This paper presents a deterministic bead-in-droplet ejection (BIDE) technique that regulates the precise distribution of microbeads in an ejected droplet. The deterministic BIDE was realized through the effective integration of a microfluidic single-particle handling technique with a liquid dispensing system. The integrated bead dispenser facilitates the(More)
Next-generation transparent conductors (TCs) require excellent electromechanical durability under mechanical deformations as well as high electrical conductivity and transparency. Here we introduce a method for the fabrication of highly conductive, low-porosity, flexible metal grid TCs via temperature-controlled direct imprinting (TCDI) of Ag ionic ink. The(More)
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