Yong-Suk Kim

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This experimental study looks at how relocation affected the collaboration patterns of partially-distributed work groups. Partially distributed teams have part of their membership together in one location and part joining at a distance. These teams have some characteristics of collocated teams, some of distributed (virtual) teams, and some dynamics that are(More)
This study employed an experimental simulation to examine how well individuals and an entire distributed team could perform tasks when some members changed locations. Meanwhile, on a theoretical level it probed into the mechanism of how personnel rotation affected performance. We found that the impacts of personnel movements were asymmetric within a(More)
—In this brief, simple analytical solutions for pre-emphasis driving conditions in active-matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) applications are presented. According to the solutions presented, the column driver with a gray-level dependent pre-emphasis (GLDP) function is designed for fast settling. The GLDP column driver is implemented without using(More)
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