Yong-Suk Kim

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Acupuncture, one of the Oriental medical therapeutic techniques that can be traced back at least 2500 years, is growing in popularity all over the world. Korea has continued to develop its own unique tradition of medicine throughout its long history, and has formed different types of acupuncture methods. The purpose of this review is to summarize clinical(More)
This experimental study looks at how relocation affected the collaboration patterns of partially-distributed work groups. Partially distributed teams have part of their membership together in one location and part joining at a distance. These teams have some characteristics of collocated teams, some of distributed (virtual) teams, and some dynamics that are(More)
  • Hyo-Jung Kwon, Jong-In Kim, Myeong Soo Lee, Jun-Yong Choi, Sungkeel Kang, Jie-Yoon Chung +7 others
  • 2011
OBJECTIVE Incomplete recovery from facial palsy has a long-term impact on the quality of life, and medical options for the sequelae of Bell's palsy are limited. Invasive treatments and physiotherapy have been employed to relieve symptoms, but there is limited clinical evidence for their effectiveness. Acupuncture is widely used on Bell's palsy patients in(More)
Acupuncture-related effects on autonomic function have been explored via biological and neurophysiologic studies. The hypothalamus, known to regulate the autonomic nervous system, is likely affected by acupuncture treatment that modulates sympathetic functions. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of electroacupuncture at the Jogsamni point(More)
Trichomoniasis is the most common curable sexually-transmitted infection (STI) worldwide. There are few reports on the prevalence of Trichomonas vaginalis in Korea. The purpose of this study was to examine the prevalence of trichomoniasis by PCR in Guri city, Korea. All adult women who visited Hanyang University Guri Hospital for health screening within the(More)
BACKGROUND Incomplete recovery from facial palsy results in social and physical disabilities, and the medical options for the sequelae of Bell's palsy are limited. Acupuncture is widely used for Bell's palsy patients in East Asia, but its efficacy is unclear. METHODS We performed a randomized controlled trial including participants with the sequelae of(More)
There are several methods available in measuring food taste. The sensory evaluation, for instance, is a typical method for panels to test of taste and recognize smell with their nose by measuring the degree of taste characteristic, intensity, and pleasure. There are many issues entailed in the traditional sensory evaluation method such as forming a panel(More)