Yong Sheng Zhao

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The human ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG) channel, a member of a family of voltage-gated potassium (K(+)) channels, plays a critical role in the repolarization of the cardiac action potential. The reduction of hERG channel activity as a result of adverse drug effects or genetic mutations may cause QT interval prolongation and potentially leads to acquired(More)
Long QT syndrome, either inherited or acquired from drug treatments, can result in ventricular arrhythmia (torsade de pointes) and sudden death. Human ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG) channel inhibition by drugs is now recognized as a common reason for the acquired form of long QT syndrome. It has been reported that more than 100 known drugs inhibit the(More)
Hybrid fluorescent nanoparticles (NPs) capable of fluorescing near-infrared (NIR) light (centered ∼730 nm) upon excitation of 800 nm laser light were constructed. A new type of conjugated polymer with two-photon excited fluorescence (TPEF) feature, P-F8-DPSB, was used as the NIR-light harvesting component and the energy donor while a NIR fluorescent dye,(More)
Coherent light signals generated at the nanoscale are crucial to the realization of photonic integrated circuits. Self-assembled nanowires from organic dyes can provide both a gain medium and an effective resonant cavity, which have been utilized for fulfilling miniaturized lasers. Excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT), a classical molecular(More)
Vertical organic nanowire arrays of 1,5-diaminoanthraquinone (DAAQ) on solid substrates were prepared by a facile physical vapor transport method. The crystal structure and growth direction of the nanowires were determined with electron diffraction. The color and fluorescence of the DAAQ nanowires can be bleached and quenched by acid vapor and rapidly(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) yields high spatially resolved contrast with anatomical details for diagnosis, deeper penetration depth and rapid 3D scanning. To improve imaging sensitivity, adding contrast agents accelerates the relaxation rate of water molecules, thereby greatly increasing the contrast between specific issues or organs of interest.(More)
Optical waveguides synthesized at the micro/nanoscale have drawn great interest for their potential applications in high speed miniaturized photonic integrations. In this Perspective article, we mainly focus on the related works on active optical waveguides based on functional small organic molecules in micro/nano regime. We begin with a general overview of(More)
In this paper, a novel blind image watermarking scheme based on QR decomposition is proposed to embed color watermark image into color host image, which is significantly different from using the binary or gray image as watermark. When embedding watermark, the 24-bits color host image with size of 512 × 512 is divided into non-overlapping 4 × 4 pixel blocks(More)