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Blind spots usually lead to difficulties for drivers to maneuver their vehicles in complicated environments, such as garages, parking spaces, or narrow alleys. This paper presents a vision system which can assist drivers by providing the panoramic image of vehicle surroundings in a bird's-eye view. In the proposed system, there are six fisheye cameras(More)
Brain extraction from head magnetic resonance (MR) images is a classification problem of segmenting image volumes into brain and non-brain regions. It is a difficult task due to the convoluted brain surface and the inapparent brain/non-brain boundaries in images. This paper presents an automated, robust, and accurate brain extraction method which utilizes a(More)
Block matching is a widely used method for stereo vision, visual tracking, and video compression. Many fast algorithms for block matching have been proposed in the past, but most of them do not guarantee that the match found is the globally optimal match in a search range. This paper presents a new fast algorithm based on the winner-update strategy which(More)
In this paper, we propose a fast algorithm for speeding up the process of template matching that uses M-estimators for dealing with outliers. We propose a particular image hierarchy called the p-pyramid that can be exploited to generate a list of ascending lower bounds of the minimal matching errors when a non-decreasing robust error measure is adopted.(More)
This paper presents a novel algorithm for fast nearest neighbor search. At the preprocessing stage, the proposed algorithm constructs a lower bound tree by agglomeratively clustering the sample points in the database. Calculation of the distance between the query and the sample points can be avoided if the lower bound of the distance is already larger than(More)
This paper presents a new multi-pass hierarchical stereo-matching approach for generation of digital terrain models (DTMs) from two overlapping aerial images. Our method consists of multiple passes which compute stereo matches with a coarse-to-fine and sparse-to-dense paradigm. An image pyramid is generated and used in the hierarchical stereo matching.(More)
Primary dysmenorrhea (PDM) is the most prevalent gynecological disorder for women in the reproductive age. PDM patients suffer from lower abdominal pain that starts with the onset of the menstrual flow. Prolonged nociceptive input to the central nervous system can induce functional and structural alterations throughout the nervous system. In PDM, a chronic(More)
In this work, we have developed a system of free-hand pointer by tracking the finger of the speaker with an active stereo vision system and then computing the projection direction in either of the following two modes: the finger-orientation mode and the eye-to-fingertip mode. We prefer the latter for its robustness. In order to allow the speaker to move(More)
In this paper, we present a fast and versatile algorithm which can rapidly perform a variety of nearest neighbor searches. Efficiency improvement is achieved by utilizing the distance lower bound to avoid the calculation of the distance itself if the lower bound is already larger than the global minimum distance. At the preprocessing stage, the proposed(More)