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Physical size of semiconductor components has been reduced and device density has become increased especially during for last years. As a result of this the use of various high precision manipulatable robot systems becomes norm in the industry. Normally the high precision robot system consists of precision staging system, small scale end-effector system,(More)
This paper presents a preliminary study on the method for stable and reliable implantation of neural interfaces into peripheral nervous system (PNS). The implantation of the neural interfaces such as a microelectrode array would be regarded as the most important first step in carrying out diverse neuroscientific studies accompanying the experiment for(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive study on the design and implementation about 2-DOF decoupled kinematic actuator module based on the parallel structure with a high mechanical stiffness. The basic structure of 2-DOF decoupled kinematic actuator module has two motion units. Since one motion unit can be moved in only one direction, various applications are(More)
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