Yong-Qian Gao

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Knowledge of how germination and seedling establishment respond to soil water condition is crucial for plant conservation under global warming and land-use changes. We tested the flooding and drought tolerance of two plant species with different occurrences along a soil water gradient by assessing seed germination, seedling survival, seedling growth, and(More)
With the rapid decline in cost of sequencing, it is now affordable to examine multiple genes in a single disease-targeted clinical test using next generation sequencing. Current targeted sequencing methods require a separate step of targeted capture enrichment during sample preparation before sequencing. Although there are fast sample preparation methods(More)
A prerequisite for the evolutionary stability of pollinating seed-consuming mutualisms is that each partner benefits from the association. However, few studies of such mutualism have considered the benefit gained by the pollinators. Here, we determined how the pollinating seed-predators ensure the provisioning of their offspring in the recently discovered(More)
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